Lab Events

July 4th Poolside Party

Celebrate Independence Day with splashes and foods

Pizza Party on The Green

Start the fall season with a pizza party at the New Haven Green!

Post-SAS highs

A great end to a great conference!

Farewell to Friends

Celebrating Wendy and Bethany’s time with the lab.

CANLab health Squad

Not only slaying it in the lab, but also at the gym!

Sushi party

The bi-annual tradition of the lab, deliciously bringing the semester to an end.

Fun at the poolside

Inflatable Flamingo, check. Finger licking food, check. Awesome party people, check. Let the 4th of July fun begin!

Bring On the Pain

Never ones to say no to a challenge, our cannies meet the carolina ghost pepper challenge head on. 

Spooky Night Out

Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve, CAN Lab style! From our resident Dino to our tried and true Jedi Knights, with everything and anything in between -mythical monsters and trendy heroes included. Peace out, or as our lion would have it: Rawr. 

Miracle Berry Party

Members of the CAN Lab got together to enjoy the miraculous effects of miracle berries!

Holiday Rock Climbing

Some members of the CAN Lab decided to get together to go rock climbing. We did one hour of rope climbing with an instructor during the holiday season as a holiday lab outing. It was a challenging and rewarding experience!

A CAN Lab Member climbing a rock wall

Another CAN Lab student climbing a different rock wall

A close-up of a CAN lab member's face, very excited to be rock climbing

Two CAN Lab members climb a rock wall

A CAN Lab member climbing along a horizontal rock wall

Two CAN Lab members reach the top of a rock wall

Halloween Fun

Some members of the lab also decided to dress up for Halloween!

 A Christmas elf, The Emperor and Darth Maul from Star Wars, and two Hippies

Paint Night Out

Recently the CANLab participated in a Paint Night Out group building activity. Dr. Kober worked with an artist to create a mural that represented the lab. We then each painted a piece of the mural. In order for the pieces to fit, we had to work together on paint color choices and techniques. It was a fun night that helped build our communication and group work skills! Thanks Dr. Kober for the great memories!

CAN Lab members enjoying painting

CAN Lab members deeply focusing on their painting

A CAN Lab member admiring his own work

A group photo of the CAN Lab members with their finished paintings

The members of CAN Lab, with their finished paintings connected to form a single picture